We always love seeing more of the 90s supermodels we grew up with, so we were thrilled to hear Stephanie Seymour was doing a photo shoot with Harper’s Bazaar. Then we heard that the shoot was with her sons, 20-year-old Peter and 17-year-old Harry, who are good-looking and interesting in the way that the children of supermodels and billionaires tend to be, and that was cool too.

Then we saw the pictures, and now we feel like prudes because we are totally creeped out by them.


I can’t help but look at that picture and imagine someone asking me to take a picture like that with my dad. Um, ew? (Suddenly all the ugly sweater family Christmas photos for which I have been forced to pose no longer seem embarrassing.)

Maybe it’s just Stephanie Seymour. Maybe she’s just so inherently sexy that everything she does instantly seems suffused with eroticism, forcing us to read inappropriate things into an innocent picture of her teenage sons lacing her into thigh-high fetish boots … nope, still weird.


These pictures seem overtly sexual in a way that can’t possibly be an accident. Stephanie Seymour has been in the news before for what seemed like unusually affectionate behavior towards her sons, including the time she was photographed kissing Peter on the beach in the French Riviera in a picture that looked more like a honeymoon picture than a casual family vacation. Peter responded with an open letter to Gawker reminding everyone that he is gay and saying that they are all totally gross for reading weird stuff into the pictures. And sure, paparazzi shots can capture weird moments that make it look like things are going on that are not going on. (Like this photo that makes it look like President Obama is about to make out with Beyonce.) But these are not random paparazzi shots. These pictures involved a whole crew of makeup artists, fashion stylists, photographers, assistants, and editors. It seems more likely that Harper’s Bazaar decided to capitalize on the previous salacious rumors with a sexypants photoshoot than that nobody on set that day thought it was weird to have a teenager’s hand that close to his mom’s sideboob.

Photos via Facebook/Harper’s Bazaar