I almost did not recognize Stephen Colletti at first glance because of his hair. Plus he’s all grown up now. If you’re not familiar with Stephen Colletti, he is the guy in between the 2 divas of MTV Reality defunct show, Laguna Beach. The 2 divas who dueled for his attention were Lauren Conrad and hottie Kristen Cavallari. Right now, Lauren Conrad is famous with her own reality The Hills, another from MTV, wherein she’s “fighting” with Heidi Montag and her ex-fiancee/boyfriend Spencer who btw made it in our Doughebag of the Week feature. Whewww, have I totally confused you yet? I know, I watch too much crap on TV.. LOL.

Stephen Colletti and Kristen Cavallari. Ahhh, they should get married and have 12 babies. LOL

But anyway, I love Stephen’s blue ensemble. Blue dress shirt with a tie underneath a blue sweater, dark wash jeans and some dark pair of shoes I can’t really decipher right now. The look is a little Justin Timberlake-esque. Except if JT wore this, he would’ve worn some light pair of canvas sneakers. Anyhooo, I think Stephen looks casually good. Plus he gets major points for supporting Lauren Conrad’s foray into Fashion Week even though it’s apparent that it’s errr a build up to the new “storyline” coming up in the next season of The Hills. Rumor has it that old rival Kristen(Go Team Kristen!!!) will be part of the new season. Laguna Beach part deux. Kudos MTV for bringing drama on TV. I mean it would be nice if you actually show videos since MTV is for music videos after all but at this point, let’s just stick to Reality TV shows that Women in their 30’s(ahem) get pissed off about yet can’t stop watching.