You know those ubiquitous Miu Miu glitter booties? Those ones up above? There was a minute there when you couldn’t look at street style photography from this past fashion month without seeing them in every shot. We’re not really partial to glittery open-toed ankle boots, but Anna Dello Russo‘s opinion on the subject is worth a lot more. Anyway, turns out their aforementioned ubiquity caught the attention of mass market shoe manufacturer (and knock off extraordinaire) Steve Madden.

Madden has mass-produced a pair of glittery t-strap platforms that lack more than a few of the Miu Miu version’s better qualities. Sure, you save a few hundred dollars but you also sacrifice the curved heel, the piping on the straps and any of the charm that distinguished them in the first place.

Stealing other peoples’ designs is unethical. And in this case, pretty fug:

(via SHEFinds)