Remember these wild $4,175 Balenciaga shoes from last summer?


Well now, Steve Madden has created a mock version – the Steve Madden Bukled, which is only $99.95. It’s not quite the same thing but the concept is really close. This shoe also comes in three other colors – black, cognac and white.

Steve Madden Bukled

Steve Madden has created a few other Balenciaga-inspired shoes, including these open-toe, open-heel boots. These boots come in the same multi-colored combination as the Bukled, as well as black, brown, cognac and nat nubuck.

Balenciaga BootsSteve Madden Bombb

The lace-up boots are $149.95, while the Balenciaga originals were $4,175. The Steve Madden version, dubbed the Steve Madden Bombb, is on the right. Close enough for saving over four grand!

You can pre-order both of the Steve Madden shoes at and they’ll be shipped in June.

Photo credits: Steve Madden, Balenciaga, Elle Magazine