Have you ever thought to yourself that you’d like sneakers, but not regular sneakers? Ones that cost $2000? But these luxury sneakers mustn’t be made from lame luxury materials like ostrich or crocodile. Perhaps stingray? …Perhaps genetically engineered stingray? First of all, no one has those thoughts except maybe (probably) Kanye West.

However, that’s the niche people at Rayfish Footwear are trying to fill. They’ve manipulated the DNA of stingrays so that their skin adopts weird colors and patterns. Here’s their description, which sounds like some mad scientist shit:

Rayfish Footwear uses a patented process of bio-customization, which allows you to design your own living, transgenic stingray. Using the DNA on file in our genetic library, you can combine the skin patterns and coloration from dozens of different species. Access the richness of natural selection. Evolve an infinite variety of shoes.

At the Rayfish Footwear labs, nature has already done the design work for us. All we have to do is identify the genes responsible for color and pattern, and implant the synthetic ‘supergene’ cluster into fetal rays before they are born. As the ray grows and matures, it expresses the predetermined patterns on its skin.

There’s even a chilling portion of their website where you can “grow” a sneaker, by dragging various colors onto an animated stingray.

The sneakers will officially launch later this year.

(Rayfish via Fashionista)