Amid all the brouhaha over how unnaturally tan H&M made Caucasian models look in their latest swimwear campaign, people lost sight of how unnaturally airbrushed they made them look. Not anymore!

An as-yet unnamed street artist in Hamburg, Germany has made his or her annoyance at the new H&M ads known by affixing stickers that make it look like you’re viewing the images in Photoshop. As ad-busting goes, I think this is a pretty clever way to call attention to the ridiculous artificiality of the ads with a minimum of time and manpower on the artist’s part. Because if you were going to go to jail for something, you would probably not want to have to answer the question “what’re you in for?” with “defacing a swimwear campaign to protest unrealistic, and possibly unhealthy, standards of beauty in women’s fashion.”

Here’s another picture:

In other news, I’m leaving for Germany in two days, and this only confirms my lifelong fantasy that everything there is positively throbbing with subversive, vaguely socialist energy.

(Via Buzzfeed)