The other day, I was going about my usual routine (scrolling through Fashion Gone Rogue and waiting breathlessly for the next major news story about bath salts to break). Anyway, I came upon an editorial starring Magdalena Frackowiack as a sultry nun in Dansk. So I says to myself, “Wow! A skinny white girl as a sexy nun? This is the most groundbreaking thing I have ever seen. I wish fashion would appropriate religious imagery more often because it’s really thought-provoking and bursting with exciting new ideas!”

…And then my heart was broken when I remembered this isn’t even the first time Magdalena Frockowiack was in a sexy nun editorial (that would be Pop‘s Nun Head from back in 2008). And then I remembered this trope has been run into the ground so deeply that sexy nuns are growing like pale, skinny flowers in China. Get ready.

(Note: I’ve censored all the fashion nipple in the gallery, but these images of nuns are pretty steamy so if you already have a reputation as a nun fetishist, this will only cement that.)