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I’ll be the first to admit that I was late to the podcast game, but now that I’m in it I am IN IT. Even still, it seems that many women have yet to discover the treasure trove of knowledge and insider information that is there waiting in the podcast realm. Fashion podcasting is no different. Even just in the past week I’ve learned so much just from exploring all the style podcasts that are out there, and now I’m passing this knowledge to you, good and loyal Gloss readers. I’ve also vetted out “video podcasts” because I feel like that’s an entirely different genre, and all hosts with annoying voices, just because I care. 

1. Unbuttoned by Yahoo Style

unbuttonedUnbuttoned is the fairly new podcast hosted by the very charming Editor-in-Chief of Yahoo Style Joe Zee. So charming in fact that I listened to all the episodes in a single day. (#oops) It’s not all fashion all the time, but the guests are always top notch. In the most recent episode, they interview Kevin Kwan, bestselling author of Crazy Rich Asians, and Editor Amy Odell. Best of all, every episode ends with a game of Cards Against Fashion Humanity.

2. American Fashion Media Podcast

@zx_742@zy_420Warning: hardcore fashion lovers only need listen. This is a detailed, intellectual, in-depth (read: an hour or more each week) look at the American fashion industry, particularly the sustainable, ethical fashion movement. Broadcasting from the Fashion Media Center of Manufacture in New York, FMC director Charles Beckwith—along with co-hosts Seth Friedermann and Lisa-Maria Radano—tackles pressing issues in fashion today, often though interviews with industry insiders. Basically all you need to know is the tagline: “Local, sustainable, irritable.”

3. What I Wore When…


This podcast was a genius brainstorm by the good people at Glamour, the perfect 10-minute clips that merge celebrities, fashion, and MAJOR EMOTIONAL SHIT. Each episode is simply a woman telling the story of “what she wore when…” and *it’s awesome.* For example, what Rebecca Minkoff wore when she officially became a designer, when Ivanka Trump wore when she met her husband, what Aidy Bryant wore when she auditioned for SNL, what Uzo Aduba wore when she won her Emmy (okay yeah we saw that one, but it’s still a great story), and one of my personal favorites, what Bethenny Frankel wore when she lost her virginity. Sadly there are only 10 episodes so far, but here’s hoping it going again!

4. Stuff Mom Never Told You

maxresdefaultDon’t let the crazy eyes Cristen is sporting in this photo steer you away from this truly fantastic feminist podcast. It’s not specifically for fashion, but Cristen Conger and Caroline Ervin often tackle style topics in the midst of their conversations on all things women, feminism, and gender. For fashion analysis from historical, biological, psychological, and sociological perspectives, check out the episodes on athleisure, maternity fashion, waist training, pin-up girls, slut shaming, haute couture feminism, the history of modeling, the history of panties, how female lawyers should dress, and many, many more.

5. Vogue Podcast

vogueI would be remiss to leave out the biggest news in fashion podcasting since literally ever. The first episode of the simply titled Vogue Podcast, hosted by the legendary André Leon Talley, finally on September 9th. No surprise, it’s been fantastic. It kicked off with an in-depth interview with Anna Wintour and has kept the bar high since with Empire creator Lee Daniels, four more Vogue editors, and as you have probably heard, Kim Kardashian West. Go catch up before the next episode comes out!

6. Oh Boy by Man Repeller

ohboyNot one to be left out of the podcast game, Leandra Medine launched her own podcast this summer—though it is hosted by Jay Buim. The latest episode dropped just yesterday, featuring the fabulous, inspiring Nicolette Mason. Other episodes have featured Roxie Darling, Sloane Crosby, Stacy London, Whitney Cummings…the list of powerhouse women goes on and on. And although this is irrelevant to the podcast itself I need to mention the fact that they also feature these ADORABLE illustrations of their interview subjects. So check it out!



7. Pop Fashion


If you want to listen to one single podcast per week and know everything that is going on in the fashion industry, CHOOSE POP FASHION. Kaarin Vembar and Lisa Rowan are not just entertaining but provide a totally reliable, weekly source of everything that went down in fashion in the past week. If you care about being an informed, thinking member of the fashion community, do not miss this podcast.

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