style inspiration tools better than pinterestI’m sorry Pinterest, I really am. You have done, and still do, so many great things, but for my style inspiration needs, it’s just not happening anymore. While there are still corners of your sprawling collection that inspire me, it’s for the most part been infiltrated by people who have no business providing anyone style inspiration.

Remember how great Pinterest was in the early days? Small, manageable, naturally curated by the invite-only feature, and stunning. I would scroll through outfits on the main feed for hours. Now, it’s gotten too big for it’s own good, and the Women’s Fashion feed seems to be perpetually filled with straight-up bad fashion, whether it’s from mediocre bloggers or terrible brands promoting their clothes. It’s sad, but for me at least, it’s time to move on. Luckily, I found a fresh new contender in the style inspiration space that harkens back to the Pinterest glory days of yore.

Enter, Looklist. It is a beautiful, modern style inspiration site that is dedicated to cleaning up the mess of images in the style space. “The idea was born out of a frustration with the unorganized mess of image content found on the Internet today,” said Founder and CEO Shaz Sedighzadeh. “Even the largest blogging and pinning platforms are at the mercy of poor, user-generated hashtagging as a means for providing search.”

looklist pinterestLooklist recently secured $174,000 in seed funding to grow their team and further develop the platform, which is hopefully only the beginning. Just take a minute and scroll through the style section, and come back half an hour later when you emerge from the fashion lover’s paradise. I’ll wait.

I mean seriously, how elegant is that home page? As a graphic designer and fashion lover, I believe that scrolling on Looklist may be my personal form of meditation. At any time you can like an outfit, save a look to your set, search for similar options (my favorite feature), share on other social platforms, or go straight to the source and figure out where all the items are from.

The search tools themselves are the highlight though, curated by experts rather than, as Shaz said, messy user-generated hashtags. If you’re looking for say, a modern, laid-back look for work in the winter, you can find hundreds in seconds. If you’re looking for fresh ideas about how to wear a flannel shirt in a feminine way, you can find that too.

looklist pinterestlooklist pinterest

So why is the content itself so good? You have to apply to be a contributor by sending in your blog for review. Genius. As much as millions of fashion bloggers who know nothing about fashion would have you believe, I don’t think every single human is capable of providing fashion advice and inspiration. We all have our talents, people.

looklist pinterest

My one critique of the site as it stands now is that you’re seeing a lot of the exact same type of girl over and over–namely, skinny and white. To be fair, this is a problem in the fashion industry at large, but it’s a challenge I hope that Looklist will be willing to work on. If every fashion lover is going to fall in love with this platform (and they should), Looklist needs to feature fashion bloggers of all shapes and backgrounds. That’s also a call to all you diverse readers who have fabulous fashion blogs of your own: go apply!

Tell me: What do you think of Looklist, and are you over Pinterest too? I need to know I’m not alone here.