In all seriousness, I really tried to find a photo where she wasn’t making this facial expression.

I have been a huge fan on Jennifer Lopez since I was a little girl and fell in love with Selena. Upon re-watching that movie fairly recently, I was reminded that J. Lo is actually a pretty fantastic performer, though in the past decade, much of her success and talent has been overshadowed by her love life, gossip and rather infamous fashion choices. Those who style Jennifer Lopez must have an interesting job: they know they have to keep up with the sort of skintight, enough-cutouts-that-it’s-almost-not-a-dress fashions she’s been wearing for years, yet still keep pushing those boundaries. In 2013, they have so far done an interesting job, to say the least.

For the premiere of her new film Parker, she showed up in Las Vegas at Planet Hollywood wearing the super tight white number above. The top is ill-fitting and the cut is boring — or is it? Check out the back:


Now, as much of a J. Lo fan as I may be, I can’t rationalize this dress. While the lack of underwear is necessary considering the dress is tight, white and has those ridiculously long see-through cutout sections, that has little to do with what I dislike about it. I simply think the entire style is ridiculous, but particularly that weird, transparent netting that creates a bizarre pond-ripple effect on her back.

Lately (and usually, I suppose), the style Jennifer Lopez has most been partaking in is skintight and lacking underwear. In 2013 alone, she’s already done that eerie, melted-flesh-and-lace number for the Golden Globes as well as this incredibly short leopard outfit. Granted, the latter would likely require underwear — particularly when you remember that she wore it on one of the coldest days of the season so far — but this one and the Golden Globes dress are sort of absurd. I think J. Lo is just gradually phasing out clothing for red carpet events because at this point, she just kinda can. That said, I wish she’d at least choose dresses that were comfortable-looking; this one seems like hell to attempt a walk in.

"Parker" premiere

Photos: DJDM/ and Judy Eddy/