Chic Packpacks

You probably marked the start of every school year by getting a new backpack. The previous year’s bag barely made it to May after it was crammed full with textbooks, lunches and gym clothes. Just because you’ve graduated high school doesn’t mean you need to leave your backpack behind. There are lots of chic backpacks that you can wear and no one will ever accuse you of carrying your homework in them. Plus, backpacks have been enjoying a surge in popularity in grown-up crowds thanks to the whole ’90s revival.

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You won’t look like you’re going to primary school when you carry one of these chic backpacks:

1. Clean Square Backpack ($59, Accessorize)  Accessorize Square Backpack

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, “that is not a backpack.” It is. You can also extend the straps to wear it as a satchel.

2. Kimchi Blue Clean Colorblock Backpack ($54, Urban Outfitters)Kimchi Blue Clean Colorblock Backpack

Just take a look at this colorblock knapsack before you try to say that backpacks can’t be as chic as totes. The color palette, minimalist design and vegan leather make it as sophisticated as any handbag.

3. Front Zip Backpack With Dog Clip And Pockets ($58, ASOS)ASOS Front Zip Backpack

There was no way your parents would ever have allowed you to get a white backpack given that you would probably have spilled something on in it the first day. The vegan leather is easy to wipe clean but just be careful what you throw in it.

4. Bagaloo Backpack ($50, Aldo)Aldo Bagaloo Backpack

If Coco Chanel ever designed modern backpacks I’m pretty sure they would have looked something like this tweed knapsack with chain detail instead of this dirty-looking bag covered in graffiti logos.

5. River Backpack ($248, Hobo Bags)Hobo Bags River Backpack

A rich chocolate brown leather backpack is just as versatile as a black one. This knapsack has a top zip as opposed to the traditional zipper around the perimeter that makes it look more like a purse.

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6. Mini Suede Fringe Backpack ($58, Topshop)Topshop Mini Fringe Backpack

If you want to switch up your fanny pack, this little fringed backpack is perfect for your bohemian festival look. And before you ask, no, Taylor Swift is not modeling backpacks for Topshop.

7. Marc By Marc Jacobs Domo Arigato Printed Packrat ($198, Revolve Clothing) Marc By Marc Jacobs Domo Arigato Backpack

FYI: A packrat is the same as backpack. This black and white spotted bag’s print isn’t the same as the Disney scenes you had on your Kindergarten backpack.

8. Hershel Supply Co. Pack On Track Backpack ($39.99, ModCloth)ModCloth Pack On Track Backpack 1

Add a pop of color to your outfit with this kelly green knapsack. You’ll have room for all your belongings in this backpack, unlike your teeny tiny clutch. Just don’t fill it up with too much stuff.

9. Perforated Panel Backpack ($39.95, H&M)H&M Perforated Panel Backpack

It’s all about the details with this faux leather backpack. The perforated panels add texture and are more unique than a pattern. Instead of the popular zipper, this knapsack has a magnetic strap and drawstring closure.

10. Chain Backpack ($49.90, Zara)Zara Chain Backpack

This black bag combines classic purse elements including quilted fabric and the chain straps. It’ll work with everything in your closet.

11. Drawstring Leather Backpack ($150, & Other Stories)& Other Stories Drawstring Leather Backpack

The usual drawstring backpack gets a stylish upgrade. Instead of the usual cloth, this bag is made out of Italian leather and lined in cotton twill for extra durability. You don’t have to worry about pens piercing through this bag.

12. Dillon Chain Backpack ($60, Nasty Gal)Nasty Gal Dillon Chain Backpack

This neutral vegan backpack is a bit bohemian and a bit edgy thanks to the chain trim. If you’re going on a road trip, fill up this bag with all of your car entertainment essentials.

13. Hologram Silver Laser Backpack ($180, American Apparel)American Apparel Hologram Silver Bag

Who said that backpacks aren’t for evening? This medium-sized knapsack is made out of a holographic leather fabric that has “party” written all over it. Shine a light on it and it could be a disco ball.

14. Pocket Linen-Blend Backpack ($24.99, Mango)Mango Linen Blend Backpack

This classic linen and cotton backpack is the perfect size. It doesn’t look like you’re on a backpacking adventure. Plus, you’ll never get sick of the minimalist design.