GlovesWe long ago traded in our sandals for more substantial shoes like boots and sneakers, and it has been necessary to wear some sort of jacket in the morning. The temperatures are just going to keep on dropping regardless of how much we pray they won’t. That means it is time to bring out the scarves, hats and gloves. You may have thought it was cool to freeze your fingers off when you were in school but frostbite will never be trendy. That doesn’t mean you have to walk around with chunky gloves that look like oven mitts. There are so many chic gloves and mitts whether you want a leather pair, something knitted or something unique.

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Check out 13 pairs of fashionable and warm gloves and mitts:

1. Monki “Brrr…” Gloves ($10, ASOS)Monki Brrr Gloves

Forget about your sweatshirt, let your gloves do all the talking. These festive red gloves are a brrrr-illiant way to keep the cold at bay.

2. Leather Pom Pom Gloves ($50, River Island)River Island Gray Leather Pom Pom Gloves

Your gloves aren’t usually the focal point of your look, but these gray leather gloves with coral pom poms will be regardless of what you wear them with. They have a snap fastening for a secure fit.

3. Check Gloves ($22.90, Zara)Zara Checked Gloves

Patterned coats are popular but if you are the type of person who never veers away from your black jacket, try a pair of patterned gloves. The neutral plaid is timeless. The palms are made out of plain black leather-look material.

4. Sno Silver Foil Print Mittens ($26, Topshop)Topshop Sno Mittens

Who says that you can’t have a fancy pair of mittens? These black mittens get an upgrade thanks to the metallic knit. People won’t miss you on the ski slopes.

5. Leather-Wool Blend Gloves ($49.99, Mango)Mango Leather Wool Blend Gloves

You don’t have to choose between your leather or your wool knit gloves again if you have these in your wardrobe. The gray and black color palette will work with all your winter coats.

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6. Cutout Gloves ($65, & Other Stories)& Other Stories Cutout Gloves

Get the cutout look without sacrificing any warmth with these pure goat leather gloves. It will be hard to lose one of these thanks to the bright blue color.

7. Jack Wills Monkgate Faux Fur Backed Mittens ($44, ASOS)Jack Willis Monkgate Mitts

Here’s another unique way to wear faux fur. These gray mitts will keep your hands extra warmth thanks to the addition of the fur on the back. The ribbed turned-up cuffs are great for incorporating the athlesiure trend into your look.

8. Muk Luks Snowflake Nordic Flip Mittens ($29.95, ShoeBuy)ShoebUy Muk Luk Nordric Flip Mittens

You probably loved your flip mittens as a kid. They are still great. This ivory pair has a classic knit design. They are lined with faux fur for extra warmth and the thumb is text-friendly.

9. Suede Gloves ($34.99, H&M)H&M Suede Gloves

Fur trim is common on gloves but fringe is something that is generally reserved for boots. You will have the urge to move your hands around a lot more when you are wearing these suede gloves.

10. Quilted Faux Leather Gloves ($12.90, Forever 21)Forever 21 Quilted Faux Leather Gloves

You can never go wrong with a pair of black gloves. The quilted design on these adds interest to the classic style. They also look a lot more expensive than they actually are.

11. Gleaming Luray Gloves ($98, Anthropologie)Antropolgie Luray Gloves

Get multiple looks from these embellished gloves. The cuff is removable so you can wear the pieces together, by themselves or with another pair of gloves.

12. Zip-Up Gloves ($68, Kate Spade)Kate Spade Zip Gloves

Black may be the most popular neutral but these tri-colored gloves show how elegant the other ones are when paired together. The zip-up sides provide a snug fit and it is an interesting detail.

13. Marled Overlay Leather Texting Gloves ($29, Urban Outfitters)Urban Outfitters Marled Gloves

You don’t want to freeze your fingers off but you also can’t go too long without typing on your phone. The solution? These touchscreen-friendly clothes. You keep your fingers warm and they don’t compromise on style thanks to the layered look.