If you can’t get your hands on Google Glass but still want to fit in at SXSW, we recommend just crumpling sandwich wrappers all over your body and teasing your hair up like Marie Antoinette.

Every once in a while, Subway decides to showcase a variety of absurd fashion pieces made out of its refuse. Earlier this year they staged an “alternative materials” fashion show to promote their $5 footlong sandwich deal. Now, to promote a new product called the “Flatizza”—basically a flatbread pizza—models donned evening gowns, cocktail dresses, and ginormous hair bows made out of Subway packing materials. They look completely ridiculous, of course.


According to The Huffington Post, the flirty little dresses worn by Subway’s models were made of napkins, crumpled sandwich bags, wrappers, and cardboard by Jennifer Henry of FlockFlockFLock. She describes herself as a creator of “alternative material couture.”

The Huffington Post asks, “Would you wear it?” But obviously we wouldn’t wear it. We’d look ridiculous, and if it started to rain we’d almost certainly wind up naked unless we got the dress made out of plastic Subway sandwich bags. These guys don’t exactly look waterproof.


But wearability isn’t the point. They’re meant to attract attention by using unconventional materials to make clothes, and we always dig that. We might prefer to wear clothes made out of cloth, but we certainly like looking at models wearing clothes made out of weird shit. Besides, they might look completely insane for SXSW, but this would be totally normal if they were at Coachella.

(Photos: Twitter/JarodWise, BobbieC, KayleneShannon)