br_basic_suit.jpgAccording to a Men’s Health magazine article, dated June 2006, there are 2 truths about suits. (1)You have to have at least 1. (2)You’ll most probably going to spend money to own one. An inexpensive yet fine suit could cost you between $300-$600. With this price range you can visit Nautica, Banana Republic, Alfani, or even Ralph Lauren.

For a Basic Suit, you could get away by buying the jacket and pants separately. The aforementioned stores provide you with this option. This works perfectly for athletic Men i.e, large jacket, smaller trouser.

Make it Stylish. Affordable Basic Suit does not mean conservative.  To achieve the modern look, search for details like peak lapels,  double vents and varied patterns and fabric. These are attainable even within your budget of $300-$600.
Fabric wise, feel for worsted wool ones whose yarns have been twisted between 80 to 220. The rule is, the more yarn twisting, the more lightweight, hence the more expensive the suit is.

Basic suits are mostly “Made In Asia”.  The fashion industry is not really jumping up and down with that fact but considering your budget, it’s your best option. Who cares what the “experts” think. Right? ;)

The Joy of Linings.  Basic suits have them too. Look for iridescent fabrics, patterns and even stripes to make a stylish statement.

The suit featured is from Banana Republic.

*Source : Men’s Health magazine, July 2006.