When you think of seasonal trends, you are probably limiting yourself to what is seen by the rest of the world.

summerbratrendsHowever, trends go deeper than that! And this summer, there’s some hot new styles (and ways) to wear your bra! With the help of Rebecca Jennings, President & CEO of Hips and Curves, we got some awesome guidance!

Dump your beige bras for summer!

Nothing looks worse than a beige bra or clear plastic straps sticking out of a tank top! It looks like you were trying to hide the bra and failed.

Instead of trying to hide your bra, make a statement with something bold, like Gwen Stefani in a white tank top over a beautiful lime green bra whose straps become part of the outfit. Letting your bra show and making it part of the outfit shows that you have a fun personality – and something going on beneath the surface!

Wear a bright colored bra with a tank top, an oversized drapey tee or a deep V-neck t-shirt – and let part of it show.

Play with color – Try a turquoise bra under a hot pink top or a magenta bra under a floral sun dress. Let the strap fall off your shoulder! Remember the cardinal rule – a bra no matter how cute it is, must be a good fit. It can’t be skimpy, it needs to hold you in comfortably.

Who says a t-shirt bra has to be boring?

Try a molded cup t-shirt bra in a leopard print. Even if no one else knows you’re wearing leopard, you’ll know. Won’t you feel sexier than you would in a beige bra?

Be a free-spirit

If you want to go for a free spirited braless look but need support try a open cup bra in black lace. A great second or third date bra – you’ll keep him wondering all night “Is she or isn’t she wearing a bra?” Even if you decide to wear it on a first date, we won’t tell!

Naughty or nice?

A black lace longline bra worn under a light weight jacket or sweater in the evening is a stylish alternative to a heavy corset. You might even call it the grown up version of the tube top!

Image: Sxc.hu