It’s mid-August now, and the back-to-school advertisements are in full swing. The fall clothes have started arriving in stores, so it will soon be time to say goodbye to summer’s fashion trends. And some of them we are ready to move on from (ahem, crop tops). Like a summer fling, we loved these trends at the start of the summer, but now that the season is ending, we are ready to move on. We want these fashion trends to be finished, as much as some of this summer’s overdone beauty trends (see dip dyed hair). Some still look great, and some never really did, but we want to see what is new and exciting, and that doesn’t involve wearing anything that references the 90s.

Enjoy these trends while you can, because we’re all going to be sick of them come September:

1. Crop TopsTaylor Swift Crop Top NYC

Many celebrities, like Taylor Swift made crop tops look amazing. However, they are as overexposed as Kendall Jenner‘s nipples. We need to give (both) of them a break. Thankfully, crop tops aren’t exactly practical when it is freezing cold outside. Put your Forever 21 crop tops in the back of your closet, and save them for your next tropical vacation.

2. Overalls 

Emma Watson Overalls

Overalls were sort of cute, as long as you didn’t wear them like a farmer without a shirt. Do yourself a favor and retire your overalls before pre-school starts again. If you style them with the wrong shoe or frilly shirt, you will look like a Kindergartner. You don’t want people making jokes about nap time and packaged lunches. Let the overalls be for Prince George only.

3. Ugly Shoes

Elle Fanning  White Dress Paris Fashion Week Chanel Fall Winter Haute Couture 2011 2012

Thanks to the wedge trainers, intentionally ugly shoes have been enjoying a major style moment, but wouldn’t it be nice to wear something that is actually pretty and streamlined for a change? Take off those clogs, cinder-blocks, and jelly shoes and think back to the lessons Sex And The City taught us about nice-looking choices.

4. Backpacks 

Katy Perry arrives at Nobu restaurant Featuring: Katy Perry Where: London, United Kingdom When: 27 Sep 2013 Credit: Zibi/

This is another trend that we should leave to the kiddies who need to carry their homework. They were fun for awhile and some designers even thought it was wise to create $1,000 versions, but let’s return to our regular totes. Not just because the look isn’t that great on adults, but do you remember how hard it is to try and fit your backpack over your thick coat?

5. Cutouts

2013 Victoria's Secret Fashion After Party - Pink Carpet Arrivals

Cutouts were cool and allowed you to show a hint of skin (or bit of side nipple in Karlie Kloss‘s case) but then they became out of hand. Designers started slashing every possible area they could, and there were so many cutouts that your dress looked like it had a weird skin pattern. If you didn’t learn your cutout lesson from the weird tan lines, just imagine what a frostbitten cleavage cutout would look like. Not cute.

6. 90s Grunge

Miley Cyrus Is Partying Around London In A Versace Bra & Underwear, Because Vodka's Basically Like Medicine, Right?

Haven’t we milked every possible 90s fashion trend? We’ve seen every single thing (good and bad) from the decade come back and pretend like it’s new apart from a “new” Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air. Isn’t it only fair that we give another decade some love? Or here is a novel idea: try something totally new for the 2010s.

7. Mom JeansCelebrities at BBC Radio 1 Featuring: Fearne Cotton Where: London, United Kingdom When: 11 Aug 2014 Credit: Mario Mitsis/

Mom jeans doesn’t really look good on anyone, including supermodels. They looked nice with our crop tops and flannel shirts for our 90s grunge look, but we’re done with that too (see above). I don’t need to explain anymore.

8. Fanny Packs

Selena Gomez is joined by Kendall and Kylie Jenner on day one of week one at The Coachella Music Festival in Indio

Fanny packs might be a festival favorite because they aren’t as cumbersome as a traditional purse. They give you both hands free so you can sip your locally-brewed $18 craft beer and take selfies, instead of listening to music. It’s no longer festival season, so let’s hang up our fanny packs along with our carefully-cultivated, expensive hippy hats.

9. Bra TopsThe Worst Dressed Of The 2014 Teen Choice Awards

Ahh, the crop top’s sexier cousin. If the more popular crop top has had its day, then its relative doesn’t stand a chance of becoming a wardrobe classic. Plus, a bra top doesn’t really look all that great under a puffy ski jacket.

10. Cut-Off Jean Shorts116623, Actress Emma Roberts and boyfriend actor Evan Peters dress alike in white t-shirts, cut off jean shorts and Converse shoes as they walk arm in arm across the polo fields at the Coachella Music Festival in Indio. Indio, California - Sunday April 13, 2014.  Photograph: © PacificCoastNews. Los Angeles Office: +1 310.822.0419 London Office: +44 208.090.4079 FEE MUST BE AGREED PRIOR TO USAGE

Cut-off denim shorts were a great way to re-purpose your jeans and save yourself a bit of cash. People became a bit too scissor-happy, and we’ve all seen a bit too much ass cleavage. It’s time to embrace pants again in time for the cooler weather. And don’t you dare think about layering them over tights, because we moved on from that look in 2008.

(Photos: Getty Images, Pacific Coast News, WENN)