The theme for this month is summer scents and for some reason my mind decided to go wandering… as it does when it gets hot and muggy. I  began to think about all of the florals out there and then OUT OF THE BLUE, began to think about perfume superstitions. Don’t ask me why… Anyway, I found that were just too delicious not to share. After that, I’m going to offer some suggestions for summer perfumes I suggest you check out at the closest mall… any reason to go shopping (wink, wink)

First some superstitions

*It seems that if someone gives you perfume, you should immediately give them something in return… even if it is just a few cents. The reason is that once the scent is used up, there is no longer a connection to that person and they too will fade from your life! Strange but true… as far as superstitions go!

*The perfume you wear on your wedding day should be as pale as possible. (I just remembered this because today I saw a fragrance that was almost black and well… as much as I like the fragrance, I don’t think that I will be buying it… for any day of the year. Funny how superstitions stick with you.

Now onto a few summery fragrances. I will end the post with a few more superstitions. ;)

Burberry Summer

Burberry Summer By Burberry For Women Eau De Toilette Spray 3.3 oz ~ brand new in retail package

Tommy Girl

Tommy Girl Summer Cologne by Tommy Hilfiger for Women 3.4 oz Cologne Spray + Bonus Bracelet 2005 Limited Edition Summer

Cool Water Summer Fizz

Cool Water Summer Fizz By Davidoff For Women. Eau De Toilette Spray 3.4 oz

Gucci Rush Summer

Gucci Rush Summer Perfume By Gucci For Women Eau De Toilette Purse Spray 3 X 15 Ml

Now… more superstitions… at the turn of the page. :)

*For luck, you should invest in a bottle of your birth flower scent. For me, that is Lily of the Valley… I have always loved that scent anyway ;) I don’t wear it very often, but I do like to scent linens with it.

*This one was really popular when I was a teen and our thoughts were constantly on boys lol… To dream of your future husband, you were supposed to put a little lavender in a handkerchief along with a nickel, fold the handkerchief to keep everything in together and slide it beneath your pillow. That night you should dream of your husband. Did I mention that this could only be done on October 31st? Any other night, it wouldn’t work. But come Halloween night, I would always forget lol…