Gal Meets Glam Summer

Okay, okay. I admit that the urgency of this title may be a touch dramatic. However, there are some summer trends this year that will likely fade away as soon as the leaves turn orange. Even if they come back in one form or another next year, do you really want to wait until then to try a trend you’ve been dying to try? It’s already August 10th people—time is running out. And while I’m as devastated about the end of summer as anyone, there is one benefit to trying summer trends at the last minute: end-of-summer sales. Fashion can be fickle, and it does not wait for the timid. The time is now!

1. Platform Slides


Platform slides are the trend I most often see other girls wearing and openly stare, thinking about how fricken’ cool they look. For some reason, I’ve found them difficult to pull off on my own (rather large) feet, but I know that if I want to go for it, I’ve got to act fast.

Pictured: & Other Stories Leather Flatform Sandals ($120 SALE $60)

2. Denim Button-Down Mini Skirts

denim skirt

I mean sure you could probably wear one of these in the fall, but mostly this style is going to turn to suede and never look back. These skirts have been popping up everywhere lately, and unlike a plain denim skirt, the buttons somehow make it ten times cooler. This is one that you could certainly wear next summer too, so you wouldn’t be buying one for a mere month.

Pictured: ASOS Denim Dolly Button Through Skirt In Midwash Blue ($47)

3. Suede Fringed Purses 


A summer concert staple, fringed crossbodies have blown up even more than usual this summer. With the 70s trend running rampant from the runways to H&M, fringed suede is even gracing designer handbags right now. I’m hesitant to snag an expensive one, but you can bet I’ll be wearing a cheaper model for the remainder of my summer weekends.

Pictured: Rebecca Minkoff Finn Fringe Suede Crossbody Bag ($195)

4. Pajamas

silkOur very own Heather Cichowski wrote just a few weeks about celebrities lovin’ on the pajama trend and how you can pull it off yourself (without looking like you’re ready for bed). Yes, this one might stick around for colder weather, but there are so many silky pajama-y items out right now that were just made for a summer night (like this one).

Pictured: & Other Stories Rachel Antonoff Silk Jumpsuit ($175 SALE $52) 

5. Denim Culottes

denim culottes

Culottes have long been having a field day, but it’s only recently that denim culottes have risen to prominence as the ultimate cool-girl culotte. Styling with a fitted tank and open-toed heels is the easiest way to wear this trend, so you don’t want to wait until fall when this will get much trickier.

Pictured: ASOS Denim Culottes with Tab Pocket Detail in Mid Blue Wash ($63)

6. Summer Leather

leather skirtIncorporating leather into your summer wardrobe is the thing to do right now, especially off-white, cream, and light pink skirts and structured tanks. And I promise, there are ways to do it without overheating. Buying leather is a move best made during times of SALE, so now is as good a time as any.

Pictured: Otto d’ame Pelle Leather Skirt ($319 SALE $223)

(Featured photo: Instagram / JuliaHEngel)