Riesling is the new Cristal? Wait, really? We’re all going to start pouring Riesling over one another’s bodies at Pink Elephant now?

I though Riesling was for (18 year old) ladies who found chardonnay too harsh, but I guess rappers like a little fruity punch to all of their beverages, And I like that about them! According to Snooth:

Where his hip hop culture turned to now for refreshment? Well I guess the recession really has hit everyone hard, since the new darling isn’t some super premium chapagne, , it’s not even sparkling wine!

In fact, this is almost like Rodney Dangerfield meets the Dunkalicious era. Yes, it’s the wine that gets no respect: Riesling Riesling.

I don’t know what those words mean, the words about Rodgney Dangerfield and Dunkalicious. But I’m sort of excited, because I love Riesling, and sort of upset because this seems to indicate that Riesling prices will go up and I am unenthusiastic about this. How do you feel? Is this even true? Does this strike you as crazy?