Katie Holmes rolled up at Micheal Kors‘ show this morning WITHOUT her number one accessory/object of paparazzi stalking—her seven-year-old daughter Suri. The Huffington Post has expressed its distress over Katie arriving somewhere without her “mini fashionista,” but mentioned somehow that Katie managed to stand up and breathe and perform normal human functions even without Suri. The whole daughter-as-an-accessory thing has me thinking about the episode of Arrested Development where Lucille gave Anyong a coat with a ton of pockets and made him a purse-replacement.


So here’s the real question: should kids be allowed at fashion week? Well, here is my answer: why the fuck would a child want to go to fashion week? As a child, I was interested in the following things: Nickelodeon, snacks, drawing with chalk, hula hooping, making my Barbie dolls do weird approximations of sex, and fruit roll ups. I was predominantly into tie dye when it came to fashion, so I’m not sure that I would have enjoyed watching weird people who didn’t go to my school wear weird costumes and prance down a runway, not smiling.

However, it appears that some more urbane and elegant children who are not me exist, and so maybe their should be an opening for children at Fashion Week. People got all twisted up over Tavi Gevinson‘s attendance at her first Fashion Week at age 13, and made a huge fuss over her “right” to attend. Obviously now that Tavi is charge of the entire world, people are quick to cover up their initial speculation.

Verdict: If a young person like Gevinson has a real reason to be at Fashion Week (they are a pint sized wunderkind poised to take over the internet), then make way. But you’re just someone’s kid? Go play with something. You’re too young for this mishegoss.

Exception to the rule: Alexander Wang’s niece, Aila, who can do whatever she wants.

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Photos: Getty Images, “Arrested Development” (20th Century Fox Television), Tumblr