Eternal beauty Susan Sarandon and her newly married daughter Eva Amurri Martino star in a new ad campaign for Neiman Marcus (out in March), and while they both look beautiful, I find it just a little bit creepy that Photoshop made them look like they’re the same age.

Looking at the two photos that have been released so far, it’s easy to mistake Eva and Susan for two sisters in their thirties, rather than a 65-year-old movie star and her 26-year-old daughter. Sarandon’s winning face has been ‘shopped to oblivion, while Amurri’s features seem to have been elongated, making her look older. (Also: like Sarah McLachlan.) It’s kind of uncanny.

For comparison, here’s a photo of the mother-daughter pair at Eva’s wedding last October:

They look much more like themselves here, no? Mother wears her signs of age superhumanly well, and daughter looks like she’s still in her twenties. I will post the complete lookbook when it’s available.

(Via People)