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I think the new collaboration between Virgin Atlantic and Vivienne Westwood is an excellent on. Not only is Westwood one of the most interesting designers in the world, she is also a member of the few clothing creators who are truly dedicated to sustainable clothing. As such, I am really, really excited to see the new Virgin Atlantic uniforms she has designed.

Westwood kept the uniforms in Virgin’s signature red color, but added a more nipped-in waist and “Savile Row touches,” while the men’s are a burgundy shade, according to Fashionista. She’ll also be ensuring that the fabric they are made from is sustainable, like plastic bottles turned polyester, while the bags for staff will be “fabricated from recycled brass and canvas, discarded leather pieces, and old roadside banners through the Ethical Africa Program, and they’ll be produced in the Kibera slum in Nairobi.” Rad, right?

It’s always great to see a designer take a stand on environmental sustainability, but for an enormous company like Virgin Atlantic to create uniforms for their staff that are significantly better for the environment is even more reassuring.

The new uniforms will have a test run starting in July, then will be adjusted according to crew members’ reviews and feedback. Now, when people creepily, anonymously order you drinks from afar, that booze will at least be served by a wonderfully-dressed crew member in designer clothes. It’s a give and take, or something.

A little preview, as well as Westwood and Richard Branson‘s commentary on the collaboration:

Photos via Fashionista.