A woman was browsing the aisles at jewelry boutique Bejeweled in Greenpoint, Brooklyn and spotted the above… swastika earrings. Reasonably startled, the woman confronted an employee and was shocked by said employee’s response:

When I asked the clerk why they had them and that they are offensive, she looked embarrassed and said people have asked for them. I said it’s not worth it to sell them, and she shrugged and said “business.” They are $5.99.

Gothamist then contacted Bejeweled:

We asked an employee at Bejeweled if she thought the swastika earrings were offensive, and she said, “No.” Were they big sellers? “Ummmmmmmmmmmmmm.” A long pause. “I think I’d have to see them first.”

Before you go all, “Seriously, Brooklyn? Is there nothing you won’t ruin?” we want to say we lived in Greenpoint for years and this place has a lot more in common with any random mall’s cheap, tacky jewelry store–Claire’s or Iceberg or what have you–than it does with bearded urban ironists in hunter’s plaid.

…Which doesn’t make it any less horrible.

Gothamist is charitable in reminding readers that the symbol predates National Socialism but it’s pretty obvious Bejeweled isn’t catering to the neighborhood’s nonexistent east Asian population. We’ll let you know when the apology comes along, if ever.