Everyone loves the cutesy crap that’s available for sale on Etsy, but did you know it’s made in terrible sweat shops that exploit the mentally disabled? It’s true! Right now, hundreds of manic pixie dream girls are being forced to work as many as eight hours a day crafting the feathered headbands and bird-shaped candlesticks available for sale on that very website.

Well, not really, but isn’t it a funny scenario to envision? This video depicts the abuse that goes on in these sweatsy shops, which includes the supervisor shouting at the poor workers, “I’ve seen cuter shits in my toilet….Add feathers! The assholes who buy this shit love feathers!” However, for just $2,000 a month, you can help a manic pixie dream girl get out of the sweatsy shop and into a group home loft apartment and some improv classes.

I actually have mixed feelings on this video…jokes about trust fund hipsters are getting pretty tired, and it seems like the damning “manic pixie dream girl” label is something we should reserve for unrealistically drawn movie characters and not, you know, real people. But if you see the girls in the video as the characters whom we imagine churn out Etsy’s handcrafted fripperies, and not a nasty caricature of the people who actually do, it gets more acceptable.

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(Via Uproxx)