If you’re looking for a sweet party dress and not so much of the typical party dresses that are around, check out these 3 dresses from Wet Seal. They’re sweet with chic qualities that’s just right for a party.


Lace Overlay Dress, $21.50. A sheer floral lace overlay on top of a solid pale pink dress with a black tie-ribbon on the waist. Wear a black opaque tights with pumps to complete the look for a party this season. Ditch the tights once the weather warms up if you have a special occasion to attend to.


If you want a combination of sweet and chic, check out this Pleated-Front Bow Dress. A gorgeous tulip style top accented with a black bow trim on the waist. $29.50.


This Tube Rosette Dress is this close to being as bridesmaid dress but that’s if you pick the white or purple colors. I think either the black or navy blue colors would be the safest bets for a party dress not being related to a wedding. The rosette details on the waist are definitely worth checking this dress out. $29.50.

(Images : Wet Seal)