Former Penthouse pet and face of Ed Hardy (!) Simone Farrow was apprehended in Australia this week after skipping out on bail. According to Australian authorities, Farrow–get ready–“used 19 different aliases to ship methamphetamine around the world by FedEx and even the postal service.” The one-time model allegedly trafficked in high-grade crystal meth, hiding it in shipments of bath salts. Did she not realize what she had?

Farrow fled the Australian state of New South Wales to neighboring Queensland–where she was arrested–but claims her flight was an act of self-preservation: “The only reason I’ve done this is because someone was trying to murder me. I’ve been in… relationships with numerous underworld figures or whatever you want to call them and I feel that maybe they feel threatened by my situation. I wasn’t trying to flee the country at all; I was trying to protect myself from being killed or harmed.”


Also. In delightfully unreasonable statement news, former special agent Brad Garrett told ABC News that this wasn’t so extraordinary: “It’s not uncommon in the modeling and entertainment industry. If your skill set doesn’t take you any place else, where’s it going to take you? A quick buck would be distributing methamphetamine. It tells me that she was not that sophisticated, and she may be desperate for money.”

Farrow has made FHM magazine’s Sexiest Women In The World list. Three times.

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