strapless bikini larger bust

Buying a swimsuit can be hell if you have bigger breasts–they’re stretchy, unsupportive swatches of fabric you’re supposed to sling across your breasts in hopes that they’ll stay remotely in place. Of course, we all know that that’s not going to work–if you have a larger bust, you need a swimsuit with cup sizes. If a suit says that it’s made for larger busted women and it comes in S, M, and L, it’s lying to you. Don’t be fooled.

While the presence of suits that are sized according to cup size is necessary, you don’t want to fall in the trap of your bikini stop looking like a bra you’re wearing in public or your one piece to look like shape wear. The point is that the suits have to have the structure and support of a bra, but not look like lingerie. So, are there actually suits that fit that description? Well, it’s funny you asked. We rounded up 10 excellent, supportive options, many of which are made by the same companies that make our favorite bras for larger busts. What can we say? They just know our boobs.

1. ASOS Mix and Match 50s Halter Padded Fuller Bust Bikini Top, $26.68

ASOS Mix and Match 50s Halter Padded Fuller Bust Bikini Top DD-G

This cute retro diddy goes up to a G cup.

2. Fantasie: Denver Full Cup Swim Top, $72

bikini for full bust red

I’m wild about this red pattern, and the top goes up to G cup.

3. Tommy Bahama Pearl Molded D/DD Cup Bra Top, $46.95

Tommy Bahama Pearl Molded D-DD Cup Bra Top

I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed periwinkle so much.

4. ‘Bia’ Logo Bikini Top, $61.64

bia logo bikini top bigger bust

This goes up to a D cup, and has an extra strap in the back for added support.

5. Curvy Kate: Shockwave Swim Top, $59.20

bikini top big bust

This awesome pattern goes up to an HH cup.

6. ASOS Mix and Match Spot 50s Halter Padded Fuller Bust Bikini Top D-F, $18.10

Mix and Match Spot 50s Halter Padded Fuller Bust Bikini Top D-F

I’m never going to get tired of black and white polka dots.

7. Twister Bikini, $56

twister bikni

This goes up to a 40 DD cup, and still manages to have delicate little straps.

8. Freya: Fever Deep Plunge One-Piece Swimsuit, $88

one piece swimsuit big bust

This goes up to an H cup. Pair it with a sunhat and giant sunglasses.

9. Women’s Regular SwimMates Stripe Twist Front Bikini Top, $39

stripe twist front bikini big bust

This suit goes up to 40D/42C, and the twist keeps it from looking like a bra.


10. Cleo by Panache: Matilda Bandeau Swim Top, $59

strapless bikini larger bust

Strapless is possible–just take a look at this number! It goes up to a G cup.

All photos courtesy of the individual retailers