For many, drop-crotch pants are a little too outre. Now, an Italian brand called Acquacalda has decided to go and make them practical (for lack of a better word) but no less bizarre. Hence: the pic-nic pant, which promises to “take advantage of the usual cross-legged position to become a comfortable surface usual for consumption of a meal outdoors.” In other words, pants that serve as a table top or, well, pants on which you can have an actual picnic, like so:

So, they may be practical–if you’re one of those people who’s constantly having picnics–but they’re also impressively bizarre. Additionally, they feature an “orientable pocket for drinks,” probably so you can get wasted and then people won’t think you’re crazy for always sitting down to eat food off your crotch (just drunk).

Also, shouldn’t they be gingham?

(Aquacalda via HuffPo Style)