I had the supreme honor of being a guest of pageant-sponsor Artistry Skincare at this weekend’s Miss America Pageant.

When I saw Miss Virginia Caressa Cameron for the first time, I instantly tweeted her as my top pick. This was back when there were 53 lovely girls still in the running.

Zuma Press

Zuma Press

Caressa, as I learned further when she spoke to select press after her crowning, is a smart cookie, but she’s also a stunner with a powerhouse voice.

But, before I get into more about her, I want to discuss a dynamic that hit me like a ton of bricks today as I flew home from Vegas: The magic of the yellow dress!!!

During the awards ceremony last night, there was a point where former Miss America Ericka Dunlap kidded that she “won in yellow” for Miss America 2004.

It’s much like in the Olympics, when figure skaters will get extra “cred” for pulling off those difficult jumps. (Assuming they don’t fall, that is.) Yellow is not an easy color to wear. But if you wear it, and wear it well – as our newly crowned Miss America did last night – the judges are going to take notice.

So, the message behind all this? Don’t be afraid to take fashion risks. Go for bold, and colorful – show your spirit. Caressa is fiery and fun – you realize that within five minutes of her being in front of you – and her dress reflected that. And now she is wearing the crown!