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Swimsuit season is fast approaching, and with it probably comes the glaring realization that you’ve done nothing but consume tacos and pore over Kanye West‘s rapidly-deteriorating Twitter for the past three months. Trust me, I get it—as much as I’m obsessing over the latest swimwear launches, I always get a little nervous when the time comes to put on a swimsuit. Sure, I looked good at the end of the summer, but now? I’m pretty sure I’m just a gelatinous mass of dollar pizza.

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That’s where Target comes in. They, apparently, do not care if I’m said gelatinous mass of dollar pizza. They just want me to know that my, and all bodies, are beach-body-ready. That’s the whole behind their latest #NoFOMO swimwear campaign. The hashtag comes from the popular acronym FOMO, or fear of missing out, or something that I literally thought my friends came up with in college because yes, I was that guy. According to Seventeen,

“The campaign aims to stop girls from letting fear or insecurities keep them rocking an awesome bikini.”

Target Style is encouraging real girls all over the world to proudly show off their beach bodies, with no regard to size, weather, or location.

To take things one step further, Target has teamed up with Barbie to dress the new diverse line of dolls in Target’s straight- and plus-size swimsuits:

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The accompanying caption reads,

“Just like @BarbieStyle (whose squad is looking super cute in these #TargetStyle suits!), we’re getting every body together to dive into this swim season.”

The choice to say “every body” and not “everybody” sends a clear message: the #NoFOMO campaign doesn’t just apply to every person, but to every person of every shape, size, and color.

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Guys, I absolutely LOVE this campaign, and I’m clearly not alone: the #nofomo hashtag already has 8,000 submissions on Instagram featuring all kinds of women showing off their beach bods. And it makes total sense, too. This is exactly the kind of message that major retailers should be relaying to their audience. Rather than marginalizing certain size groups by creating starkly different lines and advertising campaigns for each, we should be celebrating all body types at once.

And, despite my body anxiety at the beginning of every swim season, I am still a firm believer of the notion that having a bikini body is as easy as getting bikini and putting it on. After a wave of mild plus-size unfriendliness in their past, Target has really been stepping things up lately. If they keep this up, I might just have to shop some of their new swimsuits. You know, for science.