Target wedding and bridesmaid dresses

We’re closing in on wedding season, because there are wedding dresses everywhere right now. Elizabeth Taylor‘s first wedding dress may be expected to sell for $75,000 at auction next month, but way over on the other end of the wedding dress spectrum, Target has just launched a line of wedding dresses under $130.

Some people might balk at the idea of buying their wedding dress and toilet paper from the same store, but weddings are a big, expensive business. Target seems to be betting that its string of high-profile designer collabs with people like Erin Fetherston, Phillip Lim, and Missoni have people thinking of it as a good place to go for decent, inexpensive clothes. Maybe even wedding dresses.

The average price for a wedding dress is $1,200, but the Target wedding dresses are more like a tenth of that price. The new line is called TEVOLIO, a take on the Italian ti voglio, “I love you.”

But even if a person were to balk at the idea of buying a wedding dress at Target, many brides would be thrilled to send their bridesmaids there. Branding consultant Jen Drexler told Marketplace that the rollout of the Target wedding dresses might have less to do with wedding gown sales and more to do with getting in on that sweet bridesmaid action.

“It tends to be a disposable dress, something you’re never going to wear again, even though they promised you could. And now you have an opportunity to give your bridesmaids a dress that they wouldn’t be mad at you for making them buy,” she said.

The first TEVOLIO line has four wedding dresses, but 10 bridesmaid dresses. There are also two flower girl dresses. The fabric sample shows two options for wedding gowns: satin in either white or ivory. But there are 27 bridesmaid fabrics. Adult dresses are available in sizes 2-28 and prices range from $69.99 to $129.99.

The dresses are only available online, and Target says it does not have any plans to start carrying them in its physical stores. But they can still be ordered and returned if they don’t fit or meet the bride’s expectations.

What do you think — would you be cool with getting married in a wedding dress from Target?

Via Marketplace/Photo: Target