Karl Lagerfeld tattoo tightsTattoo-print shirts are old news, no matter how much we love them on Stefon. But tattoo-print tights are apparently crazy popular in Japan, and some of them have a distinctly fashion-oriented point of view.

For example UNUS, an online shop specializing in Japanese legware, is known for selling an impressive array of tights with bold graphic prints that often make it look like the wearer has some particularly impressive leg tattoos. Now they’re getting into the game themselves and have produced a line of their own legware in collaboration with an Osaka-based pop artist named Buggy who has painted for Stella McCartney and is best known for a series of portraits of fashion world luminaries with bloody noses.

The first collection of UNUS and Buggy, called “LEG x POP ART,” includes a series of tights with portraits of fashion people like John Galliano, Karl Lagerfeld, and even Kate Moss with a mustache, printed on them to look like pretty well-done tattoos. But they’re not tattoos, they’re tights, which is a pretty good thing because while it would certainly be a great conversation starter, I don’t see myself ever getting a giant portrait of Karl Lagerfeld tattooed on my leg.

art tools tattoo tightsAnother, slightly more subtle, pair looks like the wearer’s leg was tattooed with scissors and pen nibs, and those could actually be mistaken for real tattoos if a viewer didn’t get close enough to count the threads of the nylon.

What do you think—would you wear tattoo tights?

Via Tokyo Fashion Diary/Photos: UNUS