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Tavi Gevinson has grown up crazy fast. It seems like only yesterday she was a pint-sized granny-child people were shit talking for wearing a giant hat in the front row of a fashion show (and/or being there at all), and now she’s a lovely young woman who runs a crazy-successful feminist-leaning website for teenage girls. She’s also branched out into acting with an impressive first movie role in Enough Said alongside Julia Louis Dreyfuss and the late James Gandolfini. She’s also finishing high school and applying to college. So it stands to reason she might let one of her past pursuits go, and not too surprisingly, that pursuit is fashion. (Sorry, fashion.)

In a newly published interview with The Cut, Tavi compares missing New York Fashion Week to missing school:

How has it been for you to be at a film festival during New York Fashion Week. I know you’ve said you’re kind of over fashion.
I didn’t know Fashion Week was going on. I mean, I’m not over the parts that were always important to me, but … it’s not like Fashion Week is every day, and I’ve been doing it every day for the past few years. It’s not a great answer, but it just doesn’t feel very … it’s the same feeling [as when] I leave from school to go to a city and I come home and I have to catch up on homework. [Laughs.] That’s, like, the only thing on my mind right now.

I think it’s a fine answer, actually. Tavi missed fashion week to do other (way cooler, IMO) things, and she’s going to take a look at it when she can. And isn’t it adorable that this young female leader of tomorrow today still has to worry about a thing as prosaic as homework? Most people would have justifiably dropped out of school by now, so good on her for keeping it real.

She also talks about how she fell into acting, and manages to sound a lot less asinine than most people who talk about stumbling upon such a glamorous career:

“When I was younger, I always liked acting. You know, like, acting locally, or community theater at school. But it’s not an especially insured career choice, so I was like, ‘It’s a hobby, whatever.’ And then my agency, UTA, approached me because they were like, ‘You are very good at expressing your general point of view. You might want to explore this in a few mediums, if you ever want to. We just want you to have the resources to do stuff outside of online, if you want to.’ And I was, like, ‘Well, actually, I am interested in acting.’ And then I got the script for Nicole’s movie last summer, and I auditioned, and I was sure I didn’t get it because I had just gotten into a fight with a friend right before, and so I was not super … I think I felt a little weird the whole time, and then that ended up helping because my character is someone who feels a little weird and uncomfortable all the time.”

But where she really gets me is when she discusses wanting to go on a road trip with her boyfriend (Tavi has a boyfriend! She’s not a kid anymore!) and her friends. A girl after my own heart.

I will say that I enjoyed Tavi’s fashion blogging, but I find the stuff she writes about now (feminism! movies! teenhood from the perspective of a crazy-precocious but also normal teen!) a lot more interesting, so I’m not too sad that part of her career is over. I’m 100% into her current endeavors, and I can’t wait to see what she decides to do next.

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