Superstar blogger and eerily poised 15-year-old Tavi Gevinson sat down with the BBC in her bedroom to discuss, among other things, her online magazine Rookie, her famous fans (Miranda July, Courtney Love) and how she started a blog. One of the more striking insights comes up when she’s asked about (presumably) the Dior couture headpiece debacle, which saw her criticized up and down the fashion industry for being 1) too young to attend a couture show and 2) just a blogger. A lot‘s changed since then, but the irony wasn’t lost on Tavi:

“When I went to fashion week for the first time I was 13. People were confused about my being there for a few reasons. One was that I was a blogger–the word itself blog is kind of ugly, it just doesn’t sound very legitimate. And fashion, as an industry, has been really behind on being online and so I think people were confused and angry that someone younger than them had kind of figured it out. You know, they would talk about how inappropriate it was for someone my age to be at Fashion Week, but this is coming from an industry that fetishizes youth.”

So, that may be one of the more reasonable things a teenage fashion blogger has ever said. After all, at 13, Tavi may have been young to attend a couture show, but it’s just as likely there was someone even younger on the runway.

(BBC via Fashionista)