For its landmark 90th anniversary issue, storied French fashion mag L’Officiel decided to put someone quite a bit younger than it on the cover. It’s crazy how iconic this image feels when we were just introduced to this kid a few years ago, no?

I mean, look at Tavi wearing head-to-toe Chanel, feet dangling off a too-tall chair, taking notes and staring out at us with that soul-swallowing severity that makes precocious kids so very unsettling. It’s as if our collective cultural zeitgeist-y feelings around her have been crystallized into a single, perfect image. Impressive.

However, anyone who’s been following her closely knows that Tavi has not had a grey bob for quite some time now, smiles a lot, and, at 15, looks more like a teenager than a child. Is this an old photo, or did they consciously style her to look like she did a couple of years ago? (Nostalgia is on an alarmingly short cycle these days, but I think that’s totally acceptable where rapidly growing young people are concerned.) Either way, I think it’s pretty brilliant, because, like I said, the photo does a great job of capturing the image that was created by her initial burst of fame. Where she’s decided to go from there is an entirely different story, and one I’m sure she’ll get into in the article within.