tavi gevinson selfie

Happy 18th birthday to Tavi Gevinson! She’s everyone’s fashion icon, she’s the feminist figure we need, and she’s a recent high school graduate. From her writing to her style, we’re constantly impressed with Tavi— to the point where we sometimes forget she’s just a normal teenage girl. To celebrate her official Adulting, here are eighteen photos that prove that our favorite badass is also someone we’d want to get ice cream with.

tavi with glitter nails

1. Is there anything more teenage than glitter nail polish? It looks awesome, by the way.

tavi in a flower crown

2. I love how sloppy her bedroom is. Can I borrow that flower crown?

tavi with awesome hair

3. Hair champion. Champion of hair.

tavi with glasses

4. This goofball is going to run the world someday. I can’t wait.

tavi with nutella

5. My eighteen-year-old self also took selfies with Nutella. (My current self does, too.)

tavi with some orange juice

6. And no one else can make orange juice look this good.

tavi with some pancakes

7. Same goes for pancakes. Tavi is the queen of accessorizing with snacks.

tavi at a fiona apple concert

8. Here you can see two teen girls geeking out at a Fiona Apple concert. One of them runs a fashion empire.

tavi being waldo

9. Sometimes the pressure of being an extremely talented writer-cum-actress just makes you want to pretend you’re Where’s Waldo.

tavi skipping school

10. She captioned this photo to inform us that she was skipping school. As in high school. As in she’s in high school.

tavi and lorde

11. Just two independently wealthy moguls talking about boys, acne, and dominating the world. (Lorde‘s shoes are amazing, by the way.)

tavi with awesome yellow socks

12. Speaking of which, Tavi knows how to wear the hell out of a pair of yellow socks. I wish I’d been cool enough to dress like this in high school.

tavi with some girl scout cookies

13. Just a quick reminder that she’s not that much older than a Girl Scout.

tavi making a weird face

14. Freaking adorable.

tavi holding america in her hands

15. Just Tavi casually holding America in her hands.

tavi on a bunk bed

16. Sometimes prodigies sleep in bunk beds.

tavi on her last day of high school

17. Tavi’s last day of high school! I love that she’s rocking a cheerleading skirt.

my dad is talking about the meaning of like and i am taking selfies

18. And finally, the most gloriously teenage photo of all. “My dad is talking about the meaning of life,” she writes, “and I am taking selfies.” Keep up the amazing work, girl.

Photos via @tavitulle on Instagram