Tavi Gevinson’s much ballyhooed new online magazine Rookie launched this week, and I must say, it’s looking good so far. It seeks to fill a huge hole in the media market by providing smart, fun, non-condescending content geared towards teenage girls. And what better person to head up the project than…a smart, fun, non-condescending teenage girl, i.e. precocious fashion blog superstar Tavi Gevinson? (Full disclosure: I’ve always caught a good vibe off of this kid.)

Working with both the EIC and target audience’s schedule, the site will have three new posts each day: one that goes up right after school, another that goes up around dinner time, and a third that goes up “when it’s really late and you should be writing a paper but are Facebook stalking instead.” Unlike a lot of magazines geared towards teens, this magazine purportedly seeks to combat a lot of the negative things floating around in culture that make girls feel bad about themselves and each other. It’s been a pleasure to watch Tavi grow up into an articulate young feminist, and that sensibility shows through in much of the content. For instance, I’m 100% into this infographic (and accompanying article) she did on some of the root causes of “girl hate,” and how it hurts all of us:

I think this should be required reading for everyone entering the 7th grade. Of course, some girl hate is understandable…I hated a lot of the girls (and boys) in my middle/high school not because I was jealous of them, but because they went out of their way to be really fucking mean to me. But she even has a caveat in there about how some girls are not, in fact, very nice people, so all bases are covered. Hopefully there will be some more in-depth stuff on how to deal with bullying; that’s one of the hardest issues I faced as a teen, and one I think a lot of teens could use help with.

Whether or not Rookie will live up to all the hype surrounding it remains to be seen. But I will tentatively say that it’s off to a great start, and I wish I’d had something like it to read when I was going through those painful, awkward years myself. Mazel tov, Tavi and friends! May you brighten the days of many a bookish young person.