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Ah, tax season. I always look forward to it for two reasons. 1) Tax Day in America is 2 days before my birthday, so tax season just means my birthday is soon and 2) I always get a pretty hefty refund. And while year after year, I am responsible with my money (adding it to my retirement fund, putting it into my savings account, buying things that I need for my apartment, etc.), it’s always fun to make a list of things that I wish I could actually buy with my money, and one day maybe I will (not including the new tattoos I’ve gotten every year with my tax return/birthday money. Don’t tell my mom).

So, this is my totally not serious, but actually kind of serious list of things you should probably spend the money that the government was so generous to give back to you. “Put it in your 401k” is not on this list, FYI. This is about being ridiculous and irresponsible with your tax return, if that’s how you see fit.

Because really, tax refunds are basically free money that you had all along, but just gave to a really annoying person that took a year to pay you back.

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Fresh Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask (Sephora, $92)


This is my favorite face mask in existence and you need to buy it and slather it on your face and don’t think twice about spending $100 on something you wash down the drain because it’s just that good.

Omni Plus Bean Bag (Sumo Lounge, $199)


Guys, we have this in The Gloss office and honestly, it’s the best thing ever. Just get rid of your couch and get one of these. It’s the best idea, trust me.

Venture Backpack (This Is Ground, $750)


If you want to go a more “practical” route, opt for this awesome leather bag. Not only is it perfect to fit all your stuff in, it has Tile built into it, which is basically a GPS for those of you that lose your shit constantly (read: me).

Max Wanger Waikiki #5 Art Print (Urban Outfitters, $49-$299)


This print will make you love the beach in the Summer and long for the warm weather in the Winter. It’s perfect to take up any blank space on the wall and people will ask you about it and you can totally pretend you took it so that you look really cool. I won’t judge you.

Balenciaga Crepe Biker Jacket (Net-a-Porter, $1,995)


Leather jackets are hard to wear, because they call for the perfect weather. Opt for this crepe jacket and you have a Spring topper you can wear in every kind of weather, except maybe rain or when it’s kind of chilly or it’s too hot. Okay, maybe it’s not that practical, but it is pretty and that’s what matters.

Chloé Lauren Scalloped Leather Pumps (Net-a-Porter, $550)


Hop on that Grandma Heel trend with the perfect scalloped-edge pump. Don’t worry, they’ll totally still be in style way after you pay off that credit card bill.

Charlotte Olympia x Agent Provocateur ‘Caught In Charlottes Web’ Bra (Agent Provocateur, $535)


I wrote about how awesome this collection is and it’s now on available. It’s like that sexy witch costume you wore in college, but better because it’s Agent Provocateur.

Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick (Sephora, $26/each)


While $26 isn’t really that much of a splurge for lipstick, the Amuse Bouche collection is so dang good, you need to buy all 32 of them. I’m not even kidding.

Saint Laurent Diadème Tiara  (Saint Laurent, $1,995)


If you’re questioning my a $2k tiara is on this list, you need to leave right now.

For Love & Lemons Cecelia Maxi Dress (NastyGal, $352)


This maxi dress is the perfect combination of demure and sexy and ever since I saw it on NastyGal (and IRL) I’ve been debating purchasing it. I’m just torturing myself now.

Céline Mini Luggage Handback with Multicolor Double Stitching in Black Calfskin (Céline, $3,600) 


If I haven’t scared you off yet, this Céline bag might do it. If not, just look at how pretty this is and don’t even look at your bank account. Shhh, it’s okay.