Taylor Swift Sweatshirt(GIF: Tumblr)

If you consider yourself a Swiftie, you probably know everything there is to know about Taylor Swift. You probably know all about her adorable cats, how much her famous long legs are supposedly insured for, and all of the members in her massive squad. However, did you know that Taylor has a clothing line? Yes, Taylor added fashion designer to her resume along with singer, songwriter, actress, squad leader, influencer, perfume creator, and all of the fifty other titles.

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If you have ever looked into your closet and tried to put together a look based on Taylor’s trendy-with-a-hint-of-retro style, things are now a bit easier. Taylor’s line is called Heritage 66. The only downside to the line is that it is sold in China. Yup, that explains why you haven’t seen it in every department store or why you may not have heard of it. The line sells on JD.com and Alibaba’s Tmall platforms.

Taylor’s Heritage 66 line showed at Hong Kong Fashion Week recently. Taylor may not have been there for the actual event, but it felt like she was when you take a look at all the runway photos. No, the models weren’t dressed up to look like Taylor Swift mannequins. The Heritage 66 line has everything that you would expect a Taylor Swift clothing line to have.

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There are crop tops. There are tops with “Shake It Off” written across them. There are high-waisted skinny pants. There are flouncy skirts. There are overalls. There are preppy sneakers. The line is pure Taylor Swift. If you love Taylor’s style, you will love the line because it basically looks like it was taken from her closet.

The color palette of the collection is black, navy, white and red. There are a few prints in the line including an letter one that spells out the singer’s name. It has a sporty feel that is perfect for the athleisure trend. The collection is also filled with the sorts of pieces that you could wear everyday. Head over to WWD, to see all of the runway photos.

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WWD reported that Taylor’s Heritage 66 label launched in China to try to stop all of the fake Taylor Swift products and to cater to all of the Swifties. The label showed in Hong Kong in the hopes that retailers in China and other countries will pick it up. It seems like a no-brainer to us. Who won’t want pick it up? If you cannot wait to get your hands on something and you were looking for another reason to take a trip to China, you can add this to the list. Just make sure you take an empty suitcase to bring back all of your new clothes.