Taylor Swift Karlie Kloss White Crop

Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss are true best friends–without the tacky matching tattoos. What do all BFFs do besides share deep dark secrets and have rom-com marathons? They dress alike. Taylor and Karlie are no exception. They spend so much time together that sometimes they seem like they are morphing into the same long-limbed person. TayKar(?) may dress similarly, and occasionally borrow things from each others closet (I imagine) but who has the better style? The singer with runway model style or the actual supermodel?

Take off your friendship bracelets, it’s time for a best friend style showdown!

Challenge 1: Cutouts

Taylor Swift Karlie Kloss Cutouts

The first battle is all about cutouts. Let’s see who knows the best spot to cut fabric out of. Taylor’s oblique cutouts add some interest to a simple white dress (the gold details help too). Karlie’s triangular boob cutout turns a basic knee-length dress into something club-worthy. Karlie gets credit for showing the rarely seen front under-boob, but that dress requires too much double-sided tape, so Taylor wins for simplicity.
Taylor: 1, Karlie: 0

Challenge 2: Formal Crop Tops

Taylor Swift Karlie Kloss Crop Top

Who could forget about Taylor’s sexy crop top at the 2014 ACM Awards? The hair! The cutouts! The slit! Karlie wears a similar, leg-baring, ab-revealing ensemble but sticks with an all white color palette. This might be a controversial choice, but Karlie takes this round for tailoring. I don’t know if Taylor’s skirt is too long, or if that is meant to be a short, stubby train. Karlie’s outfit fits her like a glove. Better luck next time, T.
Taylor: 1, Karlie: 1

Challenge 3: All Gray

Taylor Swift Karlie Kloss Gray

This round sees the BFFs fighting it out over outfits they wore out together. Awkward. Taylor keeps things prim-and-proper with a collared blouse and her favorite oxford heels. Karlie chose a more casual look, with a gray dress and flat gladiator sandals. I don’t mind a flat shoe for evening, but I think Karlie’s overall look is too daytime. It makes me think that she couldn’t be bothered to change. Taylor is the victor!
Taylor: 2, Karlie: 1

Challenge 4: White Dresses

Taylor Swift Karlie Kloss White Dresses

In case you haven’t noticed, these two like to wear lots of white, in many different shapes and styles. Taylor wears a flirty dress with a gathered skirt, while Karlie keeps things sleek with a belted shift. I like Taylor’s feminine look, but that cutout faux-collar just doesn’t work. It’s a cute idea in theory, but a good idea doesn’t always translate into a good design. Karlie, you win this one.
Taylor: 2, Karlie: 2

Challenge 5: Floral Embroidered Gowns 

Taylor Swift Karlie Kloss Embroidered Dress

Let’s see who the champion is when the girls add embroidery to their white dresses. Taylor gets credit for choosing a gold leaf embroidered gown which matches her shiny blonde locks exactly. As for Karlie, I think she needs to stick to plain white. The ankle-length gown reminds me too much of a beach caftan and when you combine the layers on the the skirt, they look dirty. That necklace doesn’t make sense either. This is a rare miss for Karlie, so Taylor wins by default.
Taylor: 3, Karlie: 2

Challenge 6:  LBDs

Taylor Swif Karlie Kloss Black Dress

Both of them can wear white, so let’s see if they can both wear black. Taylor went for an Old Hollywood look, with a demure, gathered dress and red lipstick. Karlie opted for a minimalist look, but kept things from being boring with leopard-print shoes and a massive smile. Neither look is out-of-this-world amazing. I think Karlie takes it here by a hair–or more accurately, a shoe.
Taylor: 3, Karlie: 3

Challenge 7: Trench Coats

Taylor Swift Karlie Kloss Trench Coats

Karlie and Taylor have proven their evening-wear skills, now let’s move on to a casual challenge. Taylor is wearing a trench coat…and not much else. It looks like she may have a black top under there, or it could be a mock shirt. Karlie layered her trench over black skinny jeans and a gray top. Then she threw on a snakeskin bag. Streakers are the only people who can get away with not wearing pants under a trench coat, so Karlie, you take this round.
Taylor: 3, Karlie: 4

Challenge 8: Shirt Dresses

Taylor Swift Karlie Kloss Shirt Dresses

That round didn’t go so well for Taylor, so let’s see how she does in a second day-wear challenge. Taylor is going for her signature career woman look with her trusty oxford shoes (again!) and an I-mean-business shirt dress. Karlie dressed down her beige shirt dress with flat sandals and a wicker bag. Since straw bags should only be worn to the beach, Taylor and her heeled brogues are the champions.
Taylor: 4, Karlie: 4

Challenge 9: Plunging Necklines 

Taylor Swift Karlie Kloss Plunging Neckline

This round might seem unfair because Karlie is a Victoria’s Secret model, but I promise I won’t let the impact my judging. The deep sweetheart neckline on Taylor’s navy gown is like nothing I have ever seen before. Karlie’s plunging V-neckline allows me to see almost everything. Surprisingly, Taylor comes out on top. Unlike her BF, Taylor doesn’t look like she is a quarter inch away from a wardrobe malfunction
Taylor: 5, Karlie: 4

Challenge 10: Sexy Black Gowns

Taylor Swift Karlie Kloss Sexy Black Dresses

They’ve both put up a good fight, but it is time for the final round. Taylor surprised us with this black gown that had not one, but two daring slits. Karlie shocked as well, with two triangular butt cheek cutouts. Karlie didn’t learn her lesson before about wearing WTF cutouts, and loses this one.
Taylor: 6, Karlie: 4

And the winner is…Taylor Swift! Karlie Kloss didn’t fair too badly considering she made Vanity Fair’s 2014 Best Dressed List–though we all thought Taylor should have. Both friends won something today, so they should go out to dinner wearing matching outfits and celebrate.

(Photos: Getty Images, Pacific Coast News, WENN)