taylor swift karlie kloss road trip

For reasons defying logic of any kind, Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss took a road trip up the coast of California yesterday wearing matching turtlenecks, hair cuts, and insouciance. It was, quite obviously, heavily Instagrammed. It was also a shameless crock and will almost certainly result in some sort of turtleneck sponsorship, or was even orchestrated by Swift in her never ending quest for attention. There’s simply no way that this was a real thing that two friends did together, and I am ready to lay out my evidence for your judgement.

Exhibit A

This is the closest shot to a “driving” shot that the ladies produced. Are you going to tell me that one of them was driving and they didn’t take a picture? I have taken many road trips in my day, and every single one came with at least one photo of somebody driving. Obviously, neither Swift nor Kloss were driving on this trip, meaning at the very least, a driver was with them. That’s not a road trip so much as being driven somewhere to look nice.

Exhibits B-G

Who’s taking these photos? These six shots definitively could not have been taken by Kloss or Swift. In case you’re thinking self timer, refer to the two photos of the subjects jumping. There’s just no way. In addition to the driver, there was clearly a photographer present (although theoretically, that could be the same person).

Exhibit H

There are far too many outfit changes for this to be a plausible road trip. Both Kloss and Swift seem to have endless sweaters and coats worn in different pictures. I wonder how they fit them all in the backseat with the photographer’s equipment.

Exhibit I

I can’t help but bring your attention to the fact that Swift had a similar beach photo shoot with Lorde less than one month ago, in which neither of them took the shot and they also wore matching outfits.

Thusly, I present an alternative theory to this fun gals’ day: Swift is staking out young starlets and ambushing them for “friendship.” She lures them into a car full of professional photographers, stylists, and friendship counselors, all with the intention of documenting an extra special female friendship-filled experience. At the end of the day, the lured victim is returned to her home, slightly confused and unsure as to how her Instagram suddenly has new, highly stylized and professionally shot photos. I rest my case.

Photos: Instagram