Taylor Swift Bridesmaid

If friendship awards existed, Taylor Swift would probably have as many friendship awards as she does Grammys. (It’s just one of the reasons why we all want to be one of her best friends.) Taylor’s new Vogue cover with friend, Karlie Kloss, is practically a tribute to their friendship, and Taylor is known for lending a friendly hand to fans who need help. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that Taylor’s childhood BFF, Britany Maack, asked Taylor to be the maid of honor at her wedding. Taylor posted Britany’s sweet request letter, along with her reply (“YEAH I WILL”), on Instagram, and she also included the most adorable throwback photo of the two of them.

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In the old black and white snapshot, Taylor and Britany are wearing fuzzy animal costumes. Britany is dressed up as a dalmatian. Instead of doing a 101 Dalmatians theme, little Taylor is dressed up as Nala from The Lion King. Just look at her adorable curly head of hair! Taylor has her arm wrapped around Britany. The photo is so cute, it looks like it should be part of a spread in some stylish kid’s magazine.

We’ve seen a few throwback Taylor Swift photos, but this is one of the sweetest. This photo is totes adorbs but I can’t wait to see the actual wedding photos. Just imagine Taylor Swift as a bridesmaid: the dress, the speeches, the possible songs…it is going to great.

(Photo: Instagram/TaylorSwift)