we are never ever getting back together

It’s a big day for Taylor Swift fans! Our queen has been alluding to some exciting news on the horizon for weeks now, and rumors have been floating around about the Yahoo! Livestream she’s doing this evening. Are we getting the name of her new album? The release date? A single? Whatever it is, I’m pumped. I’m pumped enough to be watching the Taylor music videos Yahoo’s been playing on a loop all morning. Because I’m a superfan (and a loser), I’ve also spent way too much time today looking to recreate her video style. And because I’m a generous soul, I’m willing to share! Here are 10 pieces from Red Era videos that anyone can pull off.

1. Not A Lot Going On At The Moment shirt from “22.”

not a lot going on at the moment

It’s not an exact replica of the one from the video, but it’s pretty close. You can get this from Spreadshirt for $23.50. If you’re offended that they couldn’t just make it $22 for the sake of the joke, then we could probably be friends.

2. Cat ears headband from “22.”

cat ears headband

These were everywhere when the video first came out, but now they’re mostly sold out online. Thank goodness for Ahanhbarbie34, the YouTube who made this adorable tutorial for creating your own pair of ears.

3. Red polka dot top from “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.”

red polka dot top

For $13.80 at Forever 21, you too can feel like an adorable pseudo hipster who’s tired of Jake Gyllenhaal’s shit. Throw on some matching lipstick and tie your hair in a high pony, and you’re instantly transformed into Red Era Taylor.

4. Sunflower dress from “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.”

sunflower dress

Taylor might be the world champion of vintage dresses, but you can cheat at her style by getting this sunflower dress from Forever 21 for $16.99. We’ve even featured this same dress before! It’s just that cute.

5. Black dot shirt from “I Knew You Were Trouble.”

taylor swift black dot shirt

Another great tutorial video! This one comes from KatieThing, who feels zero shame about painting a black circle on a t-shirt. Neither should you. It’s awesome.

6. Black hat from “I Knew You Were Trouble.”

taylor swift black hat

I’m a firm believer that fedoras are only acceptable if Taylor Swift gives you permission to wear them. You can get this baby from Claire’s to let your inner middle schooler fly free.

7. Lavender dress from “Begin Again.”

begin again dress

No dress is ever going to match the ethereal beauty of Taylor’s purple gown, but this little number from Lulu’s is wearable in the real world– while still giving off that same vibe.

8. Blue blouse from “Begin Again.”

blue blouse

If you can’t get away with going full vintage in your everyday life, you can still get the feeling of Taylor’s blue blouse by wearing this cheap alternative, $17.80, at Forever 21.

9. White dress from “Everything Has Changed.”

taylor swift's white dress

The best part of this Lucky dress (even better than the fact that it’s discounted at $59.99!) is that it’s pretty enough that strangers won’t know you’re playing dress-up. You can pretend you’re Mommy Taylor in the future and no one has to know.

10. Red pants from the Red Tour.

red pants

For $16.49 at Charlotte Russe, you can get the iconic look that thousands of people cheered for on her last tour. The high waist is the perfect Taylor touch, too.

Featured image from We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together