Taylor Swift Floral Romper Cropped

Flippy dresses aren’t the only thing Taylor Swift has mastered. Sure, she can work a full skirt better than a ballerina, but how to pull off vintage dresses isn’t the only styling trick that Taylor has up her cashmere cardigan sleeve. In addition to tea dresses, Taylor knows how to make a crop top look adorable, and she has also has mastered the art of how to wear a romper without looking like a five-year-old.

While you may have a love/hate relationship with rompers, they’re easier to pull off than their casual cousin, overalls. Unlike dresses, rompers aren’t a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen. If keeping your undies covered is a good enough reason to convince you to try a romper this summer, check out these easy romper styling tips inspired by Taylor Swift.

1. Choose a fun but sophisticated pattern
When buying your romper, don’t be afraid of pattern. A floral print on a romper is almost as good of a pairing as Taylor and red lipstick. Tiny polka dots and graphic prints are other great options. Stay away from patterns that your little cousin would wear like large spots, rainbows or cartoons.

Taylor Swift seen leaving the gym in New York City

2. Don’t expose a nipple
While showing off your areolae may be a big trend for summer 2014, it’s not very Taylor Swift–or ladylike–to have a boob accidentally pop out. There’s nothing wrong with choosing a romper with a low neckline, just make sure you’ve got the support and/or tape to keep the girls in place.

3. Accessorize with a dainty heel
A chunky platform heel paired with a romper is how shall you say, a bit lady of the night. If you don’t want to be stopped on street corners, choose demure, thin-heeled shoes, or Miss. Swift-approved oxford heels. Bonus points if the shoes are suede mustard-colored pumps–they’re one of Taylor’s favorites. Or you can always just stick with a cute pair of flats.

4. Select a structured bag
If you want to keep your romper out of boho territory, choose a structured bag–and make sure it is not tie-dyed. Taylor rotates between satchels and frame bags, but a clutch would also work.

Taylor Swift seen out in SoHo, NYC

5. Keep the rest of your accessories simple
You bought a cute romper, so show it off! Don’t detract from the adorable piece by wearing the entire contents of your jewelry box. Take Taylor’s cue, and stick with a few rings or simple studs, and you won’t end up looking like you sell soaps out of an old Volkswagen van.

6. Add a belt

Wrapping a belt around your waist instantly makes you look pulled together. It shows off your figure, and is the Taylor Swift way to show off your shape, as opposed to only doing up half the buttons.

Taylor Swift Floral Romper Leaving Gym

7. Put on some retro shades
It is summer, so it will hopefully be sunny outside, which means you’ll probably be looking for some eye protection. Plus, people who wear sunglasses just look cooler. Fact. Try a pair of retro sunglasses like Ray Bans or cat eyes sunnies to match your vintage-inspired romper.

8. Go for polished, but not over-styled hair
Because of the heat, you’re probably going to want to wear your hair up. Instead of a messy topknot (the default  summer hairstyle for many of us), try something a bit more put-together like a low bun or sleek pony. If you have locks that are inexplicably humidity-proof, like Taylor’s, you can wear your hair down in loose waves.

9. Always finish with red lipstick
In the Taylor Swift styling handbook, every outfit looks better with red lipstick. Period.

(Photos; Pacific Coast News, WENN)