Taylor Vs Selena Gold Short Dresses

Taylor Swift and her friend Selena Gomez both have great style. Their friendship may have had its ups and downs (ahem, Selena’s crappy birthday present) but both of their senses of style have been consistently flawless. They are regularly featured on best dressed lists and their outfits often make it onto our Pinterest fashion inspiration boards. The real question is, which one of them gets the award for best dressed friend? This is going to be tough. It’s time for a fashion face-off between the two (sometimes) BFFs:

Challenge 1: Double-Slit Dresses

Taylor Vs Selena Double Slit Dresses

Both double-slit dresses look better than Kendall Jenner‘s wardrobe-malfunction-waiting-to-happen gown. Selena chose a shorter, dark green shift dress, which had matching slits in the shoulders. Taylor opted for a full-length black gown with sheer panels to prevent over-exposure. Normally, I wouldn’t like a short dress made even shorter with slashes, since that could turn from chic to slutty, very easily. However, Selena’s dress has a classic shape that keeps it looking tasteful. The minimal accessories help. For that, Selena takes the first round. If Taylor had worked her dress like a supermodel, she may have won, but she gets silver this round.
Taylor: 0, Selena: 1

Challenge 2: Layered Crop TopsTaylor Vs Selena Crop Top Layers

Clever crop top styling is our next challenge. Selena added a white lace blouse over a white sequined bra top. She then added a fluffy skirt and white heels, which enhance her tan. Taylor worked a difficult-to-describe dress, that was made up of a mixed print crop top and flirty skirt, with a mesh overlay. I am not crazy about Taylor’s prom shoe choice, but love the dress. It is much more streamlined than Selena’s outfit, which has too much going on. And I am distracted by her legs being a different color that her face. Therefore, Taylor gets the point.
Taylor: 1, Selena: 1

Challenge 3: Ivory Gowns

Taylor Vs Selena Ivory Gowns

There’s nothing prom dress-like about these elegant gowns. Selena wear a sexy corset-bodice dress and adds a dash of punk with dark nails. Taylor chose an embellished ivory gown with sheer diamond panels. I really wish poor Selena had fixed her skirt, because it’s all bunched up, and seems like it got crushed in the back of the limo. Taylor looks stunning, but that crotch pattern is weirding me out. Since Selena’s error was posing, not her actually dress, so she is the victor. Taylor would have had this if it wasn’t for that WTF detail. That is all I can look at now.
Taylor: 1, Selena: 2

Challenge 4: Gold Sparkly Dresses

Taylor Vs Selena Sparkly Gold Long Sleeve Dresses

It’s a disco ball challenge! Selena is wearing a gold fringe dress that manages to not look like a horrible flapper costume you wear for Halloween. Bravo. Taylor switched up her signature retro style, and went with a long-sleeved dress that was embroidered with flowers. I love Selena’s braid, but think some of the details on her dress are too similar to an ice skater’s costume (see: pointy sleeves and illusion neckline). For not being afraid to try new things, Taylor takes the prize.
Taylor: 2, Selena: 2

Challenge 5: Bra Tops

Taylor Vs Selena Bra Tops

It’s another round of crop tops. Selena looks ready for summer in a bright orange pencil skirt and tropical printed bra top. Check out that orange lipstick. Taylor is out-and-about looking like a modern Old Hollywood star in matching polka dot separates and her beloved red lipstick. They both look fabulous, but Selena narrowly takes it for choosing better shoes and making me really want to buy a tangerine shade of lipstick.
Taylor: 2, Selena: 3

Challenge 6: SuitsTaylor Vs Selena SuitsIt’s time to switch things up with a suit challenge. Selena made her black pinstripe suit look anything but corporate with strong shoulders and gold details. Deciding not to wear a top under her jacket helps. Taylor stuck with an all white color palette. She finished her look with strappy sandals and some statement earrings. Both suits are nicely tailored, but the pinstripes and gold accents on Selena’s suit are a bit too much. I also think pinstripe suits should be left to 80s bankers and mobsters. For keeping things simple, Taylor wins.
Taylor: 3, Selena: 3

Challenge 7: RompersTaylor Vs Selena Rompers

Taylor knows how to work a romper, but let’s see how Selena does against her. Selena masters the summer vacation look (and how to pose for the cameras) with a floral romper and strappy white sandals. Taylor belts one of her many floral rompers and adds mustard-colored flats and a large bag. Both girls’ accessories aren’t quite right. However, Selena nailed the relaxed vibe that rompers are supposed to have. The fit is also perfect. I expected more from Taylor, so she has been (temporarily) dethroned as the romper queen.
Taylor: 3, Selena: 4

Challenge 8: Red DressesTaylor Vs Selena Red gowns

What is a red carpet challenge without red dresses? Selena selected a crimson dress with an illusion front and side. Taylor went with a similar, slightly darker gown, which has lace inserts in the strappy bodice. Both are pretty, but Selena’s dress has one illusion pannel too many. Since, she did have an album called “Red” I kind of had to give it to her anyway so…Taylor takes it.
Taylor: 4, Selena: 4

Challenge 9: Navy GownsTaylor Vs Selena Navy Gowns

For our final face-off, let’s take a look at navy gowns–which they wore to the same event. Selena experimented with a layered dress that I have never seen before on the red carpet. Taylor also tried something different with a vampy, plunging neckline gown. I want to like Selena’s dress, but it’s not quite there. The pseudo-lingerie layer is a bit too sheer and the navy fabric the outer layer is made of is a bit boring. I also wish she wore her hair up to better show off the gown’s details. It looks like deviating from her normal look really works for Taylor because she gets the point.
Taylor: 5, Selena: 4

And the winner is…Taylor Swift. It was a close race and both girls are undeniably fashionable, but the few curve balls Taylor threw us earned her the top spot. Don’t be too upset Selena, there will be plenty more best dressed lists with your name on them.

(Photos: Getty Images, Pacific Coast News, WENN)