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From being “overly emotional” to being a catty friend, Taylor Swift has been accused of a lot of things that probably aren’t fair. Some of the criticisms directed at Taylor are more reasonable than others, of course, but she seems to be one of those celebrities who just can’t catch a break. Somebody new is pissed off at her on any given day, and this time it’s… the inventor of the number thirteen. Um?

According to a vague article on E!, Taylor is being sued by a small clothing company called Lucky 13 for allegedly infringing on their trademark. True fans are well aware of Taylor’s lucky number– she uses it in her Twitter username, she writes it on her body before some of her performances, and the 13th track on her albums is always significant– so I’m kind of wondering why this company is choosing right now to get outraged.

We don’t know any of the details here, and I guess it’s possible that Taylor has actually stolen someone else’s design or stepped over the line with a piece of copyrighted material, but it’s really funny to imagine her getting sued for doodling a number on her arm. If Kleenex can’t even keep its copyright because too many people use their name to mean “any kind of tissue,” I’m willing to bet that some apparel company I’ve never heard of doesn’t own a number. When a woman straightened her hair in the early 2000s, she was ripping off Jennifer Aniston. When anyone sticks their tongue out on Instagram, they’re pulling a Miley Cyrus. Unless we find out that Taylor actually did something shady, I’m going to assume that this was just a silly (but effective) marketing campaign. From now until forever, if a kid throws a 13th birthday party at a skating rink or draws 13 squares on their hopscotch board, I expect Lucky 13 to show up with some court documents. It’s only fair.

Via E! / Photo: Getty Images