Photo: PCN

Photo: PCN

It turns out Taylor Swift has an affinity for Pink sweatshirts and yoga shorts. How do I know? Because the whole freaking internet thinks it’s news.

I patrol gossip sites every day of my life–partially because it’s my job and partially because I’m The Worst—and in my travels, I’ve come across plenty of horrible excuses for news stories. Every time Kim Kardashian looks dead in the eyes or Jessica Simpson eats a sandwich, I know about it. But the blogs have reached a new low lately. I’ve now seen every piece of exercise gear Taylor Swift owns, because I’ve seen paparazzi photos of her leaving the gym every single day.

Listen, I know I’m probably in the minority for it, but I unabashedly adore ol’ Swizzle. The girl could write a song about her DVR cutting off the last few seconds of Modern Family and I would sob. I listen to Red in its entirety at least once a day. I look up pictures of her cat in my spare time. And even I do not give a shit what she wore to the gym today.

And regardless of what you think of her public persona, don’t you agree that a 23-year-old woman deserves the right to have her sweaty hair go undocumented? We already feel entitled to every detail of her every date, and she usually lets us have that, so can we stop writing headlines about her camel toe? Breaking news: Taylor Swift wears a sports bra! COOL. AWESOME. I’M BLOWN AWAY BY THIS INFORMATION.

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Did you know that Taylor Swift sometimes wears an oversized sweatshirt? Did you know Taylor Swift drinks Smart Water? Did you know Taylor Swift perspires from her sweat glands? Did you know Taylor Swift breathes oxygen? Let’s try a little bit harder, guys. And scene.