Teenagers at beach 1921

Have you seen this vintage picture of teenagers in the 1920’s at the beach? I mean, you obviously have now. Those teenagers are happier than you will ever be. Here’s why:

1) Teenagers in the 1920’s seemingly had almost unparalleled access to pie. Just massive amounts of pie, presumably for everyone. Served on a real, actual plates!

2) Have you seen the fantastic shoes that girl on the left is wearing? They are like some sort of ballerina slipper and she is wearing them at the beach. What about that other pair of shoes that looks like it ties up the front, that the other girl in the middle is wearing? They are like some sort of more elegant version of Keds. I would be happy as a clam if I had those shoes.

3) You pretty much can’t wrap your hair in a turban without looking like an eccentric. But that girl in the middle is doing it, and she even has it tied with a cool bow, and she looks happy. Just happy with her hair in a really cool turban. Happy like Marion Davies.

4) Seemingly nobody in the 1920’s told teenagers you were supposed to eat pie with a knife and fork (thanks a lot, MOM). Teenagers in the 1920’s were just so free. So fucking free.

5) Teenagers at the beach seemingly did not have to worry about straightening their hair at all. They could just let it go. Just let it go free like some kind of absolutely awesome lion’s mane. See the girl on the left. That is what she is doing. She is being free, like a lion.

Picture via Shorpy Historical Photo Archive