*Image Used W/ Permission / Newscom.

How is Terrence Howard clever? Because he knows how to catch our attention. His 3-piece black suit with pocket square looks marvelous. But being a fun guy that he is, he thought, eh, why not add a a gray with black trim fedora hat too? And to top it all off, his red patent loafers matched the red carpet. Without making it blatant in the eyes. You probably wouldn’t have noticed it if I didn’t point it out. Terrence Howard might be stylishly clever, but we’re clever-er(?).. LOL. We’ve got eyes on everything :).

If you’re a young gentleman looking for a prom look, this would be it. You’d be the coolest guy in your class wearing a 3-piece suit with a fedora hat for accessory. If your date doesn’t swoon upon seeing you in it, then something is wrong with her, hehe. :).