Guess what?

Not to brag or anything, but a week from this moment, I’ll be IN VEGAS.

Obviously, my body and mind is already in la la land, and it was a struggle to even motivate myself to make my egg whites this morning.

(Not because of the 3 blood orange bellinis I had last night, I assure you.)

However, I still have not strategized my wardrobe, and today is pretty much my last opportunity to get things together and have it arrive in time. So, I AM motivated to shop. And goodie for me, because there’s lots of fun sales going on today! Maybe not pageant worthy – but perfect for my carousing…I mean venturing…about during the day!

Gossip Collection


Me & Ro


Mac & Jac

Vava by Joy Han

Clara Kasavina

Jolie B Ray Designs

Skin Therapie


People’s Liberation

Ernest Sewn


Elisha Levine


Robert Rodriguez Black Label

H2 at Hammerman Jewelry